Edge Medical Robotics -
a collective of amazing people striving to shape the future of surgery

Our Story

Edge Medical Robotics CO.,LTD was founded in Longgang, Shenzhen on May 4, 2017.

We are focused on design, development and commercialization of the most advanced medical devices around the world, and committed to polishing the ultimate products with the spirit of pursuing excellence and fineness, improving patient outcomes, hospital efficiency, and contributing to improvement of social health.

Through years’ accumulation, we have completely mastered the core technology of the most advanced single port surgical robot.

 In January 2018, the first robot prototype was manufactured and tested and highly rated by top surgeons. 

The prototype performance is also confirmed to be reliable and effective with animal experiments in May 2018. 

Edge Medical is firmly proceeding to the CFDA certification process and expecting commercializing the most advanced surgical robot in China.

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